Simplify complex
Simplify complex operations and the deployment of data science infrastructure through our flexible modern data platform & automated pipeline solutions.
maintain high security & data ownership
Keep control of your data through our highly secure, fully managed data solutions; deployed directly into your own cloud environment. Based on open source technologies.
Bring Agility & Flexibility to your business
Build modularly and fail quickly. Start with a lake house foundation and add on custom building blocks based on the requirements of your business.

We provide baseline modern data platform solutions in a modular way, in an environment which you control.

How the modern data platform works

You subscribe, we deploy the code.

Starting with the Premium Ingenii Data Engineering Foundation, you get all of the necessary building blocks and pipeline templates, out of the box. We enable your internal teams to quickly deploy the infrastructure, so you can get to your analysis as quickly as possible.

Select the

Using our Premium data engineering foundation, we have Dockerized Terraform modules for Azure Data Lake, Azure Data Factory, Azure VNet & Azure Synapse & SQL.

Deploy &

Connect to your cloud environment and the solution will be spun up within minutes, add any additional building blocks on top of the baseline to customize.

Visualize &

Start flowing your data into your solution and start using your Azure Databricks notebooks or additional analytics tools to bring out the insights & visualizations.

Once your foundation is deployed, Ingenii provides a library of additional add on blocks to help enhance your solution. Examples include additional security measures like monitoring, logging, data governance or analytics modules to enhance your visualizations.

Ongoing Maintenance 

Coming soon! Right now we’re doing a one-time deployment of each module, but are working on building out the pipelines to enable us to push updates as an ongoing part of the subscription.

All-in-one modern data platform solution

With our strategic partnerships and off the shelf solutions, we provide an end-to-end modern data platform solution built to fit the unique needs of your business. If you need specific additional consultancy work we have partners we work with.


We are looking to solve real world data engineering problems and build the tools to help teams solve data challenges faster and simpler. We have already surveyed hundreds of data professionals and conducted months of internal research to home in on the biggest pain points when deploying a modern data platform solution in the cloud.

Here is what we found…

Operational Complexity

Disparate data sources, custom systems, a plethora of integrations…our customers are finding it difficult to pull everything across their business together in a meaningful and cost efficient way.

Team Skills & Abilities

Technical skills required to deploy an end-to-end solution are quite broad. Our customers are trying to quickly upskill their teams across a variety of applications while keeping costs low.

Data Quality & Governance

Our customers need to be able to trust their data and know that they’ve locked it down appropriately. Access & controls and keeping data clean & organized is an ongoing challenge. 

We want to hear about your challenges!